ESG considerations are increasingly shaping corporate strategy and investment decisions around the world. At CMI & CO., we advise businesses and organisations on integrating sustainable and responsible practices into their operations and investment strategies. Strongly believing that ESG factors are increasingly important to investors, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies, we assist clients in understanding and implementing ESG principles. We provide expertise, guidance, and strategic recommendations to companies seeking to align their business practices with sustainability goals and responsible investment practices. We assess the current ESG performance of businesses and organisations, identify areas for improvement, and develop tailored strategies to enhance their environmental, social, and governance practices in keeping with regulatory requirements, industry standards and emerging ESG trends.

In addition, we assist investors in assessing the ESG performance of businesses and funds, and provide ESG research, analysis, and ratings to help them make informed decisions and allocate capital to businesses that align with their values and sustainability objectives while creating long-term value for all stakeholders by conducting ESG Gap Analyses, forming ESG governance structures and customised ESG Roadmaps and mapping existing ESG initiatives against relevant global performance standards like GRI Standards and UN SDGs.

We facilitate training and education to companies, empowering them to integrate ESG and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) considerations into their decision-making processes.