At CMI & Co., we understand the need for comprehensive and personalized solutions for families to manage and secure their personal wealth.  We provide bespoke legal and strategic services to high-networth families and individuals in the UAE and India to manage and preserve their wealth for multiple generations. Our aim is to protect and grow the family’s wealth while addressing their unique needs and objectives.

We work closely with the family members to develop personalized strategies and solutions tailored to their specific financial goals, especially in maters of investment management, estate and succession planning, tax planning, philanthropy, and family governance. We help families navigate complex financial landscapes, mitigate risks, and identify investment opportunities that align with their values and objectives.

We assist clients in setting up trust and foundations and advise them on intergenerational wealth transfer, ensuring a smooth transition of assets and values to future generations.

We especially offer a broad spectrum of services to members of the global Indian diaspora, especially in the UAE and UK and advise them on securing ancestral and self-acquired properties in India, drafting, drawing, registering and enforcing domestic and foreign wills and all kinds of legal documentation.