India has had a unique relationship with the UK and UAE and together these three countries form a rather promising corridor. With exceptional growth of Tech Innovation and Investment across India, the UK and UAE, partnerships are the way to go.

One of the niche areas we specialize in is law for businesses in the India-UK-UAE corridor. We assist Indian businesses expanding to the UK and UAE and businesses from those countries entering the Indian market through investment, incorporating corporate entities, setting up operations or building R&D teams. Our affiliates in the UK and UAE also assist Indian clients in property and real estate investment in the corridor, while we ensure compliance for them with Indian laws. From initial due diligence and drafting of contracts and transactional documents to statutory compliances, including under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we offer all services under one roof.

We strongly believe in the immense potential shown by the India-UK-UAE corridor and are well-equipped to offer legal and related services to businesses interested in establishing international trade operations and alliances in this corridor. Consultancy services and go-to-market advice provided by our legal, strategic and market experts assists potential stakeholders in creating a seamless compliance management mechanism and minimize dispute risks.

We offer a full-service corporate-commercial practice revolving around transactional and legal advisory and compliance services, right from the inception of a business and through its entire life cycle.