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Is parental leave a mandate?

While paid parental leave is still at a nascent stage, the idea has been set in motion and several countries across the globe are seen amending existing provisions to include paid parental leaves for both parents. The idea is to promote gender neutrality by faclitating provisions for leave, regardless of gender. Such amendment comes as an encouraging move to not only recognize the rights of new mothers but also aimed at making it comfortable for male employees to seek leave for childcare.

Have you made provisions for paid parental leave?

In line with the concept of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at the workplace, the talk around parental leave has also gained momentum. The private sector has come a long way from considering leaves only for mothers to including paternal leaves as well. Today, businesses have grown to acknowledge that attracting and retaining good employees requires a conscious approach from employers. One such effort that supports the subject matter is making available paid parental leave, regardless of gender.

How can we help?

  • Review and revise existing policy
  • Draft tailored policy (jurisdiction specific)
  • Assist with training and awareness on gender-neutral business conduct
  • Map the company’s efforts against relevant UN SDG goals and targets

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