In all property, real estate and development transactions and projects, legal considerations play a crucial role in ensuring compliance, protecting investments, and mitigating risks. At CMI & Co., we specialize in providing comprehensive legal counsel and strategic advice to clients across the real estate sector.

We advise on and handle all aspects of property and real estate transactions including title searches, due diligence, acquisition ofd and properties, drafting of documents, applicable stamp duties and registration process, residential and commercial developments, conveyancing, collaborations, leases and licences, joint development, operations and management of properties, sale and lease-back arrangements of all kinds of properties and securitization arrangements. We have successfully represented developers, purchasers, sellers, lenders, investors, societies and other business users on all aspects of real estate including dispute resolution.

One of our niche areas of practice is assisting foreign and non-resident clients in structuring investments in properties in India and UAE. Likewise, our partners in the UK assist foreign clients in investing in real estate in keeping with applicable laws in the UK.