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What is ESG?

ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance is a set of elements that are considered globally by various governmental and regulatory bodies to formulate industry-specific risk metrics. Based on the identified ESG risk metrics, disclosures are made on the non-financial activities of organizations. Following is the list of some general ESG categorizations for organizations –

Energy ManagementHuman RightsEthical Conduct
Pollution ControLabor PracticesAnti-Money Laundering
Circular EconomyHealth & SafetyAnti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
Climate ActionTraining & DevelopmentData Privacy

Is sustainability on your board’s agenda?

Although not the first of the Board room topics, sustainability has made its way to being a serious Board agenda. Today, adopting a sustainable approach is central as it helps an organization to align with global reforms and excel in corporate competitiveness. A strong organizational focus on sustainable development can help optimize long-term value while encompassing ESG-related risks and opportunities. Incorporating a sustainable business structure is now increasingly positioned on the Board’s agenda across the globe. There is a significant rise in disclosures and reporting on the sustainability quotient and/ or performance of organizations. Such integrated reporting is categorized into 3 pillars i.e., ESG

How can we help?

  • Sustainability – led training & awareness sessions
  • Policy hub management (with a lens of sustainability)
  • ESG litmus test (to determine the organization’s sustainability quotient)
  • Designing and assisting with the organization’s sustainability journey
  • Aligning with the organization’s efforts and initiatives against appropriate performance standards including GRI and UN SDGs

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