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UAE is known to be one of the most adaptable governments in the world, as said by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President of the UAE. Pursuant to the UAE cabinet meeting held for the review of efforts undertaken towards the overall development of the nation in 2022; His Highness announced 5 priorities that will be the focus for the year 2023.

The 5 priorities are aimed at strengthening the overall economy which shall include consolidating national identity, championing the environment and sustainability, developing the education system and its vision, boosting Emiratisation policies, and expanding economic partnerships across the globe. This identified agenda is expected to culminate in effective economic development which goes hand in hand with promoting a strong cultural background that is embedded with the feeling of belonging, inclusiveness, and uniformity among citizens and residents of this country.

UAE is known for its contribution to sustainable practices, whereby, Dubai may be considered in the realm of sustainable development in the UAE. Over the years, the UAE leaders are seen to have adopted a conscious approach towards management of operations and development thereby contributing to positive economic growth that supports sustainable growth. As a continued commitment, the vision set out by the Ruler of Dubai launched the initiative called the “Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan” which is a map of the future for sustainable development to envision a greener mindset. Under this target, the nation is expected to launch strong and well-marked initiatives to achieve future goals of sustainable development.

Education is the key to the upliftment and is rightly identified by our leaders who have identified educational development as part of the 5 priorities agenda starting in 2023. The Ministry of Education has formulated the necessary plan of action required to enhance the existing educational system in both private and public sectors. The objective is to ensure the quality of education which is established in conformity with international standards including preschool.

With respect to Emiratization, starting January 1, 2023, private companies with more than 50 employees will need to ensure that 2 percent of their staff members be Emirati. This move is aimed at boosting more opportunities for the local community and making sure that they are also actively involved in the growth and progress of the private sector as well.

Regarding economic partnerships across the globe, the UAE is looking to expand and use its global ties to bring in more investment opportunities to set its course to a better more enhanced economy. As believed by this nation’s leaders, the UAE has signed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements also known as CEPA’s which will be the driving force toward this goal. Such global synergies are expected to help in maintaining transparent rules and gaining access to international markets. With the priorities agenda set in motion for 2023, one can envisage substantial social and economic development as a result of effectively addressing the escalating ecological, economic, and social challenges of climate change. The UAE is known for its record-high breakthroughs in terms of tourism, investments, and standard of living, which is a further affirmation of the nation’s latest agenda that is set to bring forth the best of its resources to achieve this feat.

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